Observables calculated by TALYS

Cross sections:

  • Total cross sections
  • Shape-elastic cross sections
  • Compound elastic cross sections
  • Non-elastic cross sections
  • Reaction cross sections
  • Inelastic cross sections, per level and total
  • Residual production cross sections
  • Total particle production cross sections
  • All exclusive reaction channels (e.g., (n,n'), (n,dt),(n,nd2a),...)
  • All exclusive isomer production cross sections
  • All exclusive discrete and continuum γ-ray production cross sections


  • Elastic angular distributions
  • Inelastic angular distributions and energy spectra
  • Tabulated angular distributions or Legendre coefficients
  • All exclusive double-differential spectra
  • Total particle production spectra
  • Compound spectra per reaction stage
  • Multi-preequilibrium spectra per reaction stage

Fission observables:

  • Fission cross sections
  • Fission fragment / product mass distributions
  • Fission fragment / product isotopic yields


  • Recoil cross sections and double-differential spectra
  • Particle multiplicities
  • S, P strength functions and potential scattering radius R'
  • User-friendly reproduction of level density tables
  • Specific pre-equilibrium output: particle-hole state densities,  decay widths etc.
  • Nuclear structure output
  • Astrophysical reaction rates