General Features of TALYS

TALYS is a software package for the simulation of nuclear reactions that:

  • ... can be used in the 1 keV - 200 MeV incident energy range
  • ... can be used for target mass numbers between 12 and 339
  • ... treats n, γ, p, d, t, h, and α as projectiles and ejectiles
  • ... incorporates modern nuclear models for the optical model, level densities, direct reactions, compound reactions, pre-equilibrium reactions, fission reactions, and a large nuclear structure database
  • ... calculates total and partial cross sections, energy spectrum angular distributions, double-differential spectra, residual production cross sections and recoils
  • ... is very user-friendly and offers an extensive user manual
  • ... is created at NRG Petten, the Netherlands and CEA Bruyères-le-Châtel, France
  • ... can easily be installed under linux, unix, and windows

TALYS is a versatile tool for the analyses of basic microscopic scientific experiments or to generate nuclear data for applications.


                                                Flowchart of TALYS: