TENDL-2009: "TALYS-based Evaluated Nuclear Data Library"

A.J. Koning and D. Rochman

Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG)

Petten, The Netherlands

Official release date: November 23, 2009

TENDL is a nuclear data library which provides the output of the TALYS nuclear model code system for direct use in both basic physics and applications. The second version is TENDL-2009, which is based on both default and adjusted TALYS calculations and data from other sources. Provided are:

- Complete nuclear data libraries for about  2400 nuclides between 6Li and 281Ds for incident neutrons, protons, deuterons, tritons, helium-3, alpha particles and photons up to 200 MeV.

- For each nuclide-projectile combination: A directory structured database of most relevant reaction quantities in human-readable x-y tables, allowing easy comparison (and plotting) with other data.

- Complete ENDF-formatted nuclear data libraries for neutrons including covariance data.

- Processed data: ACE libraries for MCNP(X), AMPX libraries for SCALE, 33 and 187 group processed covariance files.

- Automatically generated plots of cross section and covariance data.

- Fission yield data libraries



Please read the accompanying documents for more information here (JEFF presentation June 2009), here (Wonder presentation, October 2009), here (Wonder proceedings, October 2009) or here (JEFF presentation November 2009).

For future references, please refer to this document: Draft.

The list of known deficiencies is here (last update: 04/21/2010).

Validation of the TENDL-2009 library performed by Juko Research can be found here (03/10/2010).

List of sub-libraries