List of known deficiencies for TENDL-2009


Below is a list of deficiencies or important remarks in the TENDL-2009 library  found by users.

1) Inconsistent x-y tables (Nov. 2009)

2) Neutron sub-library: Unresolved resonance range (URR) not included for a series of actinides (Dec. 2009)

3) Neutron sub-library: Wrong identifiers in ACE files for 204,206,207,208Pb (Jan. 2010)

4) Neutron sub-library: Wrong ACE file for 239Pu (Jan. 2010)

5) Neutron sub-library: 35 ACE files are missing in the .tar file (Jan. 2010)

6) Neutron sub-library: 176Lu(n,g) to the isomer is missing in the EAF file (Jan. 2010)

7) Inconsistent ACE and EAF file for 176Lu. EAF files come directly out of TALYS, whereas ACE or (ENDF) files come from TALYS in the fast neutron range and TARES in the thermal and resonance neutron range (TARES adjusts the resonance parameters to experimental data) (Jan. 2010)

8) Neutron sub-library: ACE file for 254Es is missing (Jan. 2010)

9) Neutron sub-library: Activation files containing "NaN" for MF=6, MT=5 for (n,gamma) multiplicities for 30Si, 45Ar, 43,47K, 48Ca, 50Sc, 54V, 63,65Ni, 74,74m,79Ga, 75,75mGe, 80As, 87Se, 82,87Br, 94Rb, 93,94Y, 97,100Zr, 103Mo, 103Tc, 112Ru, 113Rh, 116Pd, 135I, 142Cs, 144Ba, 152Ce, 150Pr, 156Sm, 165Gd, 163Tb, 168Dy, 194Os, 232Fr, 230Ra (Jan. 2010)

10) Neutron sub-library: ACE file for isomeric nuclei missing (Jan. 2010)

11) EAF neutron files: in some cases, for very short lived isotopes, a peak at the threshold of the (n,2n) reaction could exists in the EAF file (Jan. 2010)

12) EAF neutron files: EAF files contain cross sections to isomers or groundstate (FS=0,1) but no total cross sections if there are isomer production (FS=99). This is not an error, but if present, it helps the reader to use EAF cross sections (Jan. 2010).

13) Uncertainties for 27Al(n,*) are too high in the fast neutron range (Feb. 2010).

14) No ACE files for U238-n, Rb084m-n, Re184m-n, Po207m-n, Bi210-n, Bi211-n, Bi212-n, Bi212m-n, Bi212n-n, Bi213-n, Bi214-n, Bi215-n, Bi215m-n, Bi216-n, Bi217-n, Bi218-n, Pb210-n, Pb211-n, Pb212-n, Pb213-n, Pb214-n, Tl210-n (Mar. 2010).

15) 14N: (n,tot) is too high at low energy and (n,t) is not physical above 20 MeV (Mar. 2010).

16) 241Am(n,g): branching ratio to 242m/gAm is not correct (April 2010).


Last update: 21 April 2010